Audit & Migration Project

Meet The Brand

Topdeck Travel, the Global Touring-owned Australian travel brand with a global presence, offering unique and tailored group tours for 18-39-year-olds to a wide range of destinations across Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, Africa, Middle East & North Africa.


  • Audit the UAT version of the new Topdeck Travel website to identify potential SEO strengths and weaknesses, and assess viability for go-live
  • Assist the internal SEO team to relaunch Topdeck Travel’s main website with minimal impact on organic visibility and traffic
  • Set up the new Topdeck website with maximum organic search potential through optimal technical SEO provision during build


  • Partnered with Puglet Digital for organic marketing and technical SEO support, PK took the lead bringing the project to life for Topdeck Travel
  • Initial audit of current site and workshop presentation to key Topdeck stakeholders and the external development agency in order to highlight the numerous SEO risks and issues that would arise from the site launching as it was at point of review
  • Core technical and content specifications for use by Topdeck’s development agency, all prioritised by necessity for organic traffic preservation and growth
  • Consultative support for the in-house SEO team at Topdeck with everything from query research to international structure and site information architecture
  • Multiple rounds of testing and consultation during the design and build process, liaising directly with Topdeck’s internal SEO team and the external dev agency
  • Post launch safety checking on the deployed site as support measure for the internal SEO team at Topdeck to ensure no high risk to-do items had been missed


A lossless site launch that maintained visibility and organic traffic levels without so much as a blip during the deployment.

With stability in place thanks to solid technical SEO and a lossless site migration, TopDeck have developed a solid platform for growth for their business going forward into 2020 and beyond.


Rachel Flynn, Global Head of Digital], at TopDeck Travel, had this to say of the project and its results:

“Organic search is crucial for us and our best-performing channel for both traffic and conversions. So we couldn’t afford to take any half measures with re-launching the site. From the very first and slightly urgent call a week before Christmas, when I asked to pick their brains on our approach, the guys (Luke and Ruth) at Prospect Knight and Puglet Digital quickly responded and carefully steered us to a successful site launch with a thorough audit, detailed content and technical recommendations and a collaborative approach with both our internal teams and dev agency. We’ve all heard the horror stories around site migrations so I was thrilled to find our organic search traffic remained stable post-launch – thankfully due to Luke and Ruth picking up my call that day before Christmas! Our team also loved working with them – which was the icing on the cake.”