Website Relaunch and Training


  • Relaunch Hult Business School’s main website with minimal organic visibility and traffic losses
  • Set up the new Hult website with maximum organic search potential through optimal technical SEO provision during build
  • Teach the internal Hult content team key search fundamentals to enable them to take steps towards keeping the site optimised and growing on an organic traffic front after the relaunch was completed


  • Partnered with Puglet Digital for organic marketing and technical SEO support, PK took the lead on helping Hult get to grips with the project in its entirety
  • Initial audit of current site and workshop presentation to key Hult stakeholders in order to bring the SEO state of the site to life for the leaders of the business
  • Core technical and content specifications for use by Hult internal development team, all prioritised by necessity for organic traffic preservation and growth
  • In depth keyword research for development of a search-informed site information architecture and URL structure for the various programs on offer at the school
  • Multiple rounds of testing and consultation during the design and build process, liaising directly with Hult’s UX and development teams
  • Half day training session with the Hult internal content team to introduce them to the core elements of onsite SEO with a content focus, including
    • How basic SEO considerations can make content work harder
    • Editorial research and planning through a search lens
    • Spotting spam and naughty tricks (i.e. how not to do it!)
    • Measuring the impact of content on a site’s overall performance
  • Onsite working in-house at Hult’s London offices for launch day for live testing and verification during the deployment process to ensure minimal possible SEO risks


A lossless site launch that maintained visibility and organic traffic levels without so much as a blip during the deployment. has in fact seen post-launch YoY organic growth without further investment, due to sound baseline onsite optimisation and a solid, SEO-friendly technical setup behind it.

The team are now taking a more proactive approach to optimising the websites with a search-first mentality.

Nikki Thomas, product owner at Hult International Business School, had this to say of the training:

“Best SEO training I’ve been to. Very practical and made a very complex subject seem easy for everyone to learn.”