Empowering the in-house content team through SEO training


Whilst working with Hult Business School on a number of projects we identified an opportunity to empower the in-house content team to take charge of SEO fundamentals across the website.

Not only would this help them progress their understanding of the discipline and improve the overall performance of their work, but it would also mean the business would be less reliant on an external resource for BAU activity in the future.

We called this Project Pug…


Beginning with questionnaires to identify current understanding and hot areas of interest from the team, we developed a training day that covered everything from SEO layering, editorial planning, technical best practices, article optimisation and internal linking.


The team are now taking a more proactive approach to optimising the websites with a search-first mentality.

“Best SEO training I’ve been to. Very practical and made a very complex subject seem easy for everyone to learn.”