Driving MQLs with Online Ads

Meet the Brand

WARC’s purpose is to save the world from ineffective marketing by putting evidence at the heart of every marketing decision. Since 1985, the company has brought confidence to marketing decisions through the most trusted research, case studies, best practice, data and inspiration.


WARC released a flagship campaign around marketing effectiveness in the summer of 2019.

PK was tasked with creating a plan that builds awareness, generates traffic, and ultimately drives valuable whitepaper downloads that feed the marketing and sales funnel for the following year.


In order to re-engage existing profiles in the client’s CRM and acquire new profiles, our approach began with understanding the database segments and importing them into the advertising platforms as custom audiences.

Using CRM data to create custom audiences across LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram and Google allowed us to remarket previously engaged people and create look-a-likes to target new people.

Some of the audiences created:

  • Newsletter members
  • Active prospects
  • Current clients
  • Previous whitepaper downloads

The remarketing strategy was to segment the various audiences above and target them with tailored adverts – testing variants of both image/video/carousel and copy.

Prospecting activity, on the other hand, was two-pronged: 1. Target using look-a-likes of the above audience segments and 2. Target using industry / job title / employer targeting.

*The remarketing activity was also fueled by engaged landing page visitors that did not convert.

From a creative point of view, we wanted to test as many ad types as possible in order to gain insight into best performers for future activity. This meant working with the client to create images, videos and carousel assets. 


  • Overachieved against the download target
  • Drove a significant number of new people into the CRM – all of which will enter the nurture stream
  • 750,000 people were reached
  • Achieved a cost-per-acquisition of £26.