Delivering Growth Through PPC

Meet the Brand

This fast-growing and premium curated clothing brand has gone from strength to strength in the four years since launching. Led by Jake Hall, designs are curated in the East London studio and worn by everyone on stage and in the spotlight from Stormzy to Olly Murs.


  • Scale-up their paid-social and PPC advertising
  • Better engage their existing customer base
  • Audit SEO


  • The PPC account adopted a bottom-up restructure enabling the team to better bid on target keywords with more specific ad copy. The focus was on hero clothing items the brand is most known for with regular keyword mining to support.
  • Paid-social benefitted from wider targeting, allowing the brand to be introduced to new audiences. A full-funnel account structure was employed, making the most of dynamic ad formats along the purchase journey. This meant more strategic and tactical ad management, responsive to the time of year, commerce events and brand clothing drops.
  • Through an SEO Audit,  several improvements were made to organic search performance. Through cleaning up metadata and correctly specified sitemaps, while also providing advice on best practices for collections and product pages.
  • To engage the existing audience and Jake Hall’s personal followers, a clothing Hotline was created – a dedicated opt-in SMS community for fans to be the first to hear of new product launches. With automation and creative campaigns that feel personal and one-to-one, click-through rates from SMS have surprised us all.


  • Purchases scaled up from paid-social with a 52% drop in CPA and an 83% increase in ROAS*.
  • Built-up engaged traffic in the lead up to Black Friday and new collection launches, enabling effective retargeting. The account structure in place now provides an always-on and always-scaling campaign that leverages Facebook’s own AI and allows the team to quickly learn and optimise creative.

*on Facebook Advertising in the first two months, compared to the same period in the previous year.