Delivering Growth Through PPC


Parcel Monkey approached us as a brand that had seen strong growth through organic marketing channels, but had rarely explored paid channels as a means of acquiring new customers. The delivery comparison market is highly competitive, so it is not an easy party to join late. However, we knew there were was still an opportunity to throw our hat in the ring and drive cost-effective results for Parcel Monkey.


Our approach was largely split into two main streams

  1. Brand protection: Our brand term was being bid on heavily by competitors, so part of our paid search strategy had to be built around ensuring we were visible when users searched for our brand term.
  2. New customer acquisition: We also wanted to reach new users that were currently unaware about Parcel Monkey and the services they offer. To do this, we would have to go after non-branded keywords as well. We used a large list of very specific keywords to reach users looking to move specific items to specific locations.


Brand activity was naturally successful early on, so we were keen to grow the volume here as much as possible. We were able to increase traffic significantly, partly as a result of our increased activity in other areas that helped our brand awareness.

The non-brand activity took a bit longer to get off the ground, however, this is something we think is important to expect with new non-brand PPC activity. Through our consistent and rigorous approach to optimisation, we eventually saw year on year improvements of 333% in non-brand conversions and a 460% improvement in non-brand return on ad spend.