Delivering Growth Through PPC

Meet the Brand

Future Fit Training is the leading Personal Training, Nutrition and Pilates courses in the UK.


  • The main goal of the project with Future Fit Training was to come in as a short-term partner and improve growth and efficiency with the day to day running of their three PPC accounts.
  • Secondly, Future Fit Training’s business strategy was to bring the PPC management in-house. Consequently, a large part of the project was the handover making sure the transition from agency to in-house was seamless.


  • When it came to the technical PPC work, the main issue of the account was the amount of traffic going through a small number of Broad Match Modified keywords.
  • The main work was adding numerous exact keywords to the account. As a result, this gave us much greater control of our ad copy as well as CPCs. In turn, this enabled us to see clearly which keywords worked and failed; this was not possible with the broader keyword set.
  • When it came to the transition from agency to in-house, both parties worked cooperatively to ensure a seamless transition. In order to ease communications, we created a slack channel for general discussions, whilst meetings were set up to make sure any problems were dealt with before the contract concluded.


  • Although it was a short-term project, Prospect Knight still generated some impressive results. On the largest of Future Fit Training accounts, the CPL reduced by 25% with leads increasing by 19% in a year’s period.
  • Despite this period of transition, all three Future Fit Training accounts saw an uplift in conversion volume with the increase ranging from 5%-25%.
  • Finally, the handover was completed with Future Fit Training now having an internal PPC team whilst maintaining current performance through the recruitment phase.