Deliver Growth Through PPC

Meet the Brand

Designed in London, Frangipani create limited edition prints that are 100% cotton with certified organic inks and they don’t use any single-use plastic in our production. Creative, original and irreverent, these are the shirts to live in and have fun in.


  • When coming on board with Frangipani the main goal of the Facebook campaigns was to drive growth. Frangipani was at the end of their season and the main goal was to sell the remaining stock and prepare for the new season.
  • Although the main goal was growth, efficiency was still vital with the desired CPA sitting at £10.


  • At the heart of our approach on Facebook was increasing Frangipani’s reach and audience through interest and broad targeting. Given the quality of the product, it was an easy sell once in-front of the right people.
  • To complement the increased reach, we spent time creating a Facebook feed. This allowed us to increase our remarketing efforts, using Facebook’s DPA ads to remarket the relevant shirts to the correct user.
  • Finally, through constant testing we also worked on the message used on Facebook, making subtle changes until we found a message which really resonated with the user.


  • 101% increase in the number of purchases when looking at 2019 vs 2020.
  • 42% increase in total revenue when comparing 2019 vs 2020.

ROAS increased by over 300% in one year. The ROAS in 2019 was 337% compared to 668% in 2020