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Negative Keywords: The Unsung Heroes Of Paid Search

Marcus / April 12, 2019 / PPC

Despite the fact that negative keywords work tirelessly to harmonise all areas of our accounts, appeasing any conflict between ad groups and preventing the inevitable CPC inflation that would follow, many consider them a really boring part of what we do in our PPC accounts. So, after realising the injustice of how little credit negative keywords get for the work they do, I plan to set that right by proving they are the unsung heroes of paid search. Read More

No, Direct Mail is not dead

Rhys / April 2, 2019 / Videos

In this weeks #PKweekly Rhys and Marcus discuss whether Direct Mail is dead…

In short, Direct Mail is far from dead, and here’s why… Although some parts of mail are dying out because of such high wastage (like unaddressed mail and door-drops) others are flourishing because of how targeted they can be. Read More

Maximising audiences in PPC

Marcus / March 21, 2019 / Videos

Here’s a short clip of Marcus ranting to Rhys about the wasted spend that comes with not utilising audiences correctly.

Too often ads are being shown to everyone searching for a brands core term, regardless of who they are.

This is not personalised and PPC can be a lot smarter! Read More

Average Position in Google Ads is Changing

Marcus / March 21, 2019 / PPC

Change is not just the name of the band that produced one of my favourite disco albums of all time, it is also an inevitability when it comes to PPC, and we’ve had our fair share of positive and negative changes to Google Ads over the years (which funnily enough just rebranded from Google AdWords). Read More

PK has a new home

Luke / February 14, 2019 / Videos

On Monday we moved into our new home… You can’t tell from the video but it’s an old shipping container!

We’re so excited to reach this milestone. We were conscious not to go to early, but the time is 100% right. Read More

What the Microsoft & Verizon deal actually means

Marcus / February 1, 2019 / PPC

Bing and Yahoo have had a bit of a turbulent relationship over the years – it is one you may hear described as an “on and off relationship”, and it dates back to 2009 when Microsoft, after failing to purchase Yahoo, settled for a search alliance instead. Read More

Search Query Reports just got a lot better

Marcus / February 1, 2019 / PPC

I want to be really clear, this isn’t new news. In fact, it’s actually quite old news. But, recently I was sat at my desk wishing I could examine my search query reports in a little more detail. I was thinking to myself, “surely there’s a better way to uncover trends in this data?”. Read More

Is Direct Mail Dead?

Rhys / January 5, 2019 / Direct Mail
Direct mail has unfortunately been a bit of a victim of the new age of digital marketing, where budgets are spread a bit thinner between the wide range of new options available, that are also seemingly ‘easier’ to drive and track measurable results.

Read More

2019 PPC Predictions

Marcus / December 28, 2018 / PPC
Another year is here – I hope you have all had a wonderful 2018! My roundup on how the year went from a PPC perspective can be found here – but for now, it’s time to get excited for 2019 by looking forward to some of the things we can expect to see throughout the year:

Read More

2018 PPC Review

Marcus / December 16, 2018 / PPC
It’s pretty scary how fast time flies, I really have no idea where this year has gone. One thing that is for sure is that 2018 has been an absolute cracker of a year. It’s been one we’ll never forget, and I can’t wait to tell my grandkids about the summer we had: England was about to win the World Cup, every day was 30-degree sunshine, and the Google Ads interface had been fully updated to the new UI – unforgettable!

Read More

Goodbye My Lover (Exact Match)

Marcus / October 11, 2018 / PPC
Before I channel my inner James Blunt and get a bit emotional, I have a confession: part of my personality is a bit controlling

A lot of times this can be a bad personality trait to have, but in the case of PPC management, I reckon it’s a good thing to look out for. When I consider the best PPC people I know, it’s obvious they love being in complete control. They love to pull levers and press buttons to steer the ship in the direction they want. Read More


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